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Addison County Supported Employment Rates and Earning Outcomes Exceed Statewide Average

Rachel Lee Cummings
Executive Director
Counseling Service of Addison County


May 3, 2023

Addison County Supported Employment Rates and Earning Outcomes Exceed Statewide Average

Counseling Service of Addison County

MIDDLEBURY, VT — The Counseling Service of Addison County (CSAC) is pleased to announce that annual Supported Employment Rates and Earning Outcomes exceed the statewide average, reflecting strong relationships with clients and area businesses.

Supported Employment, an integral part of CSAC’s continuum of services, helps individuals find and maintain meaningful jobs in their community. CSAC’s Supported Employment Specialists team offers competitive job placement and consulting services across several programs including for individuals with disabilities in our Developmental Services program. CSAC’s Direct Support Professionals support individuals on-site on the job, assisting them with learning skills needed to be as independent as possible in their profession. By doing so, CSAC’s team matches the business community with quality employees. Vermont currently and historically is one of the most successful states with supported employment services.

According to Rachel Lee Cummings, CSAC’s Executive Director “Our staff work hard and take pride in matching the needs of area businesses with the skills and interests of individuals to create a successful working relationship. Our team has maintained strong relationships with area businesses, each other, and individuals in our programs; the latest data on supported employment rates and earnings outcomes indicate that our Addison County partner employers really value the work our clients are doing.”

CSAC’s employment rate for individuals considered eligible to work within the Vermont eligible developmental services population—who are between the ages of 18 and 65 and have graduated from high school—is 53% - exceeding the statewide employment rate of 45%. Additionally, the average income for individuals participating through developmental services supported employment program is 8% higher than the statewide average. These outcomes, for fiscal year 2021, reflect the most recent data, reported by Vermont State Developmental Disabilities Services division (DDSD).

“It has been our pleasure working with [CSAC].  [Our Direct Support Professional] and employee have enhanced our work environment and provided diversity that brings us all together as a team. This opportunity represents true devotion in the workplaces as well as care and compassion toward each other,”  Tamara Boise, Cyclewise/Ducati Vermont

To learn more about being part of CSAC’s dedicated team devoted to improving the lives of others, including our employment services team or direct service professionals team, call CSAC at 802-388-6751 and ask for Helen in HR. Information about open positions and our services is at


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