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Middlebury VT

We understand that work brings dignity, self-respect and self-esteem. The Employment Services program exists to help people who want to work find competitively paid employment in a field of their choosing and for the number of hours they want to work, whenever possible.

We can also help you with tasks that help get the job, such as resume writing, how to fill out a job application, interviewing skills and practice, interpersonal skills, training on the job, and follow up/support after you start working.  We will help you in every way possible to find a job and you decide what you would like for help before and after finding a job.

We believe everyone has strengths to build upon, and hopes and dreams that will influence some of the decisions made.  Our goal is to help you  find a job that is both satisfying and long term.


Intellectual Disabilities
At least age 19 and eligible for services and supports

Age 16-26 Defined as “at risk” and are eligible for services and supports

Adults in Recovery
People with Substance Abuse Problems and are in Treatment. At least Age 18

Adults with Chronic Mental Health Issues
At least age 18 and eligible for services and supports through the CRT program

For more information Call 388-4021 or 388-6751
Steve Reigle x 473 or
Molly Brown x 264 or
Ric Wheeler x 483