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Services —

Youth and family services

Youth and Family Services  provides therapy, community supports and case management to youth, children and their families in school, office, home and community-based settings. Substance abuse treatment and adventure-based programs are offered along with a youth employment program, a school-based intensive school supports program, and an educational treatment program for young people struggling with emotional disorders. Partnerships with area agencies help to provide mental health services to youth of transition age (16–22) and to pre-school age children. We often work as a team with parents and caregivers, schools and other agencies to develop coordinated service plans.

What Every Family Should Know  
Families are the center of a child’s life! We believe by working closely with you we can make progress on your goals for your child. We offer you our experience and expertise and work in partnership with you. We can offer services in our offices, your home, school  and community. We serve youth ages 0-22 with a variety of presenting problems, including behavioral challenges, social/emotional needs such as anxiety and depression, trauma, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum and substance abuse. Children are often referred by schools, pediatricians or families.

CSAC staff values working with families as a whole unit —  and recognize that struggles parents may be having often affect children. We collaborate with you to look for strengths to build on. With your permission, we coordinate services, behavior plans, and understanding of your child’s needs with partners such as schools, childcare providers and primary care doctors to help to make services more effective.

Services offered by Youth and Family

  1. Office-based therapy

    Individual, family and group therapy offered within the office setting. Use of evidence-based practices to treat trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems and the full range of child/family concerns.

  2. Psychiatry

    Evaluation of complex cases, medication assessment and medication management of complex cases. Ongoing medication management may be referred to primary care physician.

  3. Access and crisis supports

    Child and family immediate response team. Crisis stabilization and assessment includes hospitalization screening, office-based service, some community outreach, staff and community consultation.

  4. Outreach clinicians

    Individual and group community supports offer intensive home, school and community-based treatment and case management services to our most intensive, high-needs youth of all ages. Adventure-based Treatment Services, including the Equestrian Partnership and the Summer Forest Project are included in this program.

  5. Early childhood mental health

    Contractual agreements with the Addison County Parent/Child Center and Mary Johnson Children’s Center provide intensive supports to children 0-6 and their families and within the childcare setting.

  6. School-based services

    Contractual agreements with many of the area schools provide mental health supports and case management services to youth in the school setting. Schools usually identify youth to be served.

  7. School-based mental health clinicians

    Services are available in many of the area elementary, middle and high schools. Services are referred through school support teams and focus on positive functioning throughout the school day.

  8. Intensive school supports program

    Services are contracted through area schools to provide1 one-on-one or school-wide behavioral supports to children with emotional behavioral needs and on the autism spectrum. Applied Behavioral Analysis is used as the framework for intervention.

  9. JOBS »

    Services to high-needs youth ages 16-27 with mental health barriers to successful employment. The program coordinates treatment services as well as providing job development and support. The target population is young people who aren't in school.

  10. Adolescent addiction recovery

    Office-based individual and group assessment and treatment. Outreach services are also available to this population.

  11. Respite

    Respite services for youth with emotional/behavioral and developmental needs. Up to 20 hours per month of respite may be offered – usually as individual, daytime hours to give families a break.

  12. Home-based autism services

    Intensive home-based supports for children diagnosed with Autism and their families. The program uses Applied Behavioral Analysis as the framework for intervention.

  13. Interagency teaming

    It is often important in working with children and families to coordinate services between home, school and community and within the other agencies that may be working with your child. Addison County frequently uses the Coordinated Services Planning process (Act 264) to develop integrated plans.

    Child and family specific crisis services are available through our Access Team Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. The CSAC Emergency Team covers afterhours calls for children and families. CSAC accepts Medicaid and all insurance providers. The Youth and Family Program is able to offer services to all families regardless of the availability of insurance. Our offices at Catamount Park offer office-based therapy services and our Outreach Clinician Community Based services. Catamount Park is also home base for our Intensive School Supports Program. CSAC has School-Based Clinicians at the majority of the schools in the county. Referrals to school programs are through the child’s school.

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