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Client Resources

To Our Clients,

This is your page. Here, you'll be able to log in to your patient portal, access privacy policies, and find grievance and appeals information. We hope to give you an update on things that might affect you, and have a calendar of upcoming events.  We're grateful to know you, and want you to have a great experience on this site. We've put as much information as we can here, to make your visit easier. If you you want or need to contact us about this page, please go here. 

Patient Portal and Emergency Services

For the Patient Portal log in, go here.

For Emergency and Crisis Services, go here

Check out what's happening!

For an Events Calendar, go here.

Important to know

For CSAC locations and hours, go here

For our Privacy Policy, go here.

For the Guide to Services at CSAC, go here.

For our Grievance and Appeals information, go here  

Program Information

For Substance Use Services info, go here

For Adult Mental Health Services info, go here

For Developmental Services info, go here

For Employment Supports, go here

For our Youth and Family Program, go here

For the Careers page, go here

To make a donation, go here.


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