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The National Crisis Text Line is FREE and offers 24/7 support for anyone in crisis in Vermont or nationally. Just text VT to 741741 from anywhere in Vermont to connect anonymously with a trained Crisis Counselor.

  • Crisis Counselors respond within 5 minutes through a secure platform
  • You get an automated text response first, and then a response from a crisis counselor
  • They work with you till you are cool and calm and have a plan for the next step
  • Free for anyone and funded by private donations
  • Staffed by volunteers who first undergo 34 hours of training and access to clinical supervision
  • Our specialists are not therapists, but will help you with active listening which is empathetic, understanding and respectful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Crisis Text Line show up on my cell phone bill?

A. Nothing will appear on your bill if your cell phone  plan is with AT& T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon. If your plan is with another carrier, our short code 741741 will appear on your billing statement.

Q. Is there a character limit when texting the crisis text line?

A. Yes- the system is only able to process 140 characters in  one message.

Q. How do you find someone who is in immediate danger and get them help?

A. If a texter is confirmed to be at imminent risk, Crisis Text Line will initiate an active rescue. First the counselor will ask them where they are. Most of the time texters will tell the counselor their location, which is then used to contact local police who complete the active rescue. If the texter  does not tell Crisis Text Line where they are, the local police will be contacted based on the person's area code. The police department is able to ping the person's  number  through the phone company and geolocate.

Q. What's the difference between crisis text line and therapy?

A. Crisis text line is not a replacement for therapy. Therapy includes a diagnosis made by a licensed professional, a treatment plan of action, and a patient/therapist relationship. Crisis text line helps people in moments of crisis. Our crisis counselors practice active listening to help out texter find calm and create an action plan for themselves to continue to feel better. Crisis Text Line's counselors are not therapists.

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