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1. Shared Living Provider sought for a woman in her 60’s with a mild developmental disability.  Seeking a home with a first floor bedroom, as she uses a walker to get around.  She is an avid quilter, likes to watch movies and enjoys pets.  Support is needed in managing health conditions.  Excellent boundary settling skills are important.  Annual tax-free stipend of approximately $35,000 plus room & board payment of $9770, and a respite budget. Call Miranda Rickert at Community Associates.  (802)388-4021

2. Shared Living Provider sought for a young woman in her early 20s, who experiences high functioning autism and can be anxious. She is looking for a provider who can help her build adult life by creating a daily routine, learning independent living skills, and maintaining positive relationships with friends. Support is also needed with problem solving and communication when she feels stuck.  She currently works part time and would like to maintain her employment.  She also loves everything about horses, dogs, diamond art and shopping.  She is an active participant with Special Olympics.  Generous tax-free annual stipend of $28,800, room&board of $9,770, and a respite budget.  Please contact Sharon at Community Associates.  (802)388-4021

3. Shared Living Provider sought for a young man in his early 20’s with an intellectual disability, who is new to Vermont.  He would like to increase independence by building daily living skills in various aspects.  He needs 24/7 supervision and a consistent, structured routine to maintain emotional stability.  He loves to look at cookbooks, watch Disney movies and cooking shows, play video games, and enjoys drawing, spending time with others and being physically active. He receives community supports from program staff to make connections in his new community.  He likes to spend a great deal of time outside, so a home in the country would be ideal.  No children at home is preferred.  Generous tax-free annual stipend of $36,000, a room and board payment of $9,770 and a respite budget.  Contact Tammy at Community Associates for further details.  (802)388-4021

4. Shared Living Provider  Seeking a supportive home for a man with Asperger’s Syndrome. He is interested in a non-smoking home, friendly dogs OK (but not German Shepherds), cats fine, either no kids or older respectful kids, wants to be part of the family and have someone care about his well-being but also have some privacy. A good high speed internet service is important as he is a gamer and also likes to watch TV. Can spend limited amounts of time home alone in the day. Is hoping to live in the village of Middlebury, Bristol or Vergennes. Generous tax free annual stipend of $30,000, monthly R&B payment of $814, and annual respite budget of $9,000. Please contact Jennifer Murdoch at Community Associates/Counseling Service of Addison County.  (802)388-4021

5. Shared Living Provider sought for a woman in her 40’s with mild developmental disabilities. Ideal provider will be able to support her emotionally in lessening her anxiety and learning coping skills. She works and receives community supports, and will benefit from further support in making connections in the community.  She is able to spend time on her own in a familiar environment.  Her family is involved and she often visits them over the weekend. Generous tax-free annual stipend of $25,440, room and board payment of $9,770 and a respite budget.  For further details, contact Molly at Community Associates.  (802)388-4021   

6. Shared Living Provider sought for a woman in her 50’s with a mild developmental disability is looking for a quiet and relaxing home.  A mother-in-law apartment or place where she can have some privacy of her own would be ideal.  She transitioned from independent living, and needs support in ensuring safety, medication oversight, and getting to her part time job in Brandon 4 times a week.  Experience with Alzheimer’s desirable.  She loves animals and has an indoor cat.  Enjoys listening to country music, going to church, playing card games, getting nails done, and eating out at her favorite restaurants.  She is a smoker and has a colorful sense of humor.  Generous tax-free annual stipend of $23,800, room and board payment of $9,770 and a respite budget.  Call Molly at Community Associate.  (802)388-4021

7. Shared living provider for a tech savvy man with Asperger’s Syndrome.  This active man in his 30s has interests in NPR, classical music, Scrabble, board games, reading, and jigsaw puzzles.  Ideal provider will be able to provide a consistent routine and support a gluten-free diet.  He receives some hours of staffed support in the community during the week.  Generous annual tax-free stipend of $35,700, room & board of $9,770 and respite budgets.  Contact Molly at Community Associates at (802)388-4021.

8. Shared Living Provider sought for a 36 year old woman with a developmental disability and who is highly capable.  Her current goal is to swim regularly and stay healthy.  She would like someone who can support her with developing a healthy diet and life style. She is in the process of finishing her GED and hopes to find part-time employment in the near future. She enjoys being around animals, doing arts/crafts and learning how to cook. Ideal provider/s would be a single or partnered couple without children or others living in the home. A location within walking distance of town is preferred. Supervision is needed in managing medications.  Generous tax-free annual stipend of $53,713, room & board of $9,770 and a generous respite budget.  Please contact Molly at Community Associates.  (802)388-4021

9. Shared Living Provider : A talkative and friendly 77 year old man with a mild developmental disability is seeking a home this coming JUNE. He is especially interested in Fire and EMT services – if you are an active or retired member of a fire department or ambulance service and have a scanner in your home he would be thrilled! To pass the time he enjoys doing artwork. Loves well-behaved animals. He would fit in with many household compositions but a retired person or couple would be perfect. We pay a tax-free stipend for his care and he would contribute room & board. Call or email Molly Brown at (802)388-4021 or

Spare Bedroom? Room in your family and your heart for one more? We would love to talk to you about what it might be like to open your home to an adult with a developmental disability. The tax-free stipend and room & board payments that accompany these placements is often equivalent to full time employment. This is a lifestyle that you may really enjoy! Please contact Molly Brown at the Community Associates program of CSAC to inquire. (802) 388-4021.


(Application for Shared Living Provider is different than the agency application, please use application link below if interested in applying.)


Equal opportunity Employer

Click here for more information on shared living “Shared Living in Vermont:  Individualized Home Supports for People with Developmental Disabilities”, State of Vermont, Division of Disability and Aging Services

Please refer to this check list for the housing safety requirements:


Click Below to download and print application.  Or call (802)388-4021 to have one mailed to you. 

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