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Social Emotional Learning Workshop Series: Workshop 1: Play, Play, Play!

Friday, January 24, 2020
9:00 am4:00 pm

Social Emotional Learning Workshop Series
Join the Stern Center for an enriching and educational workshop series on social emotional learning in children pre-K through grade 6. These 5 workshops explore play, Peer Mediated Interventions and Supports (PMIS), Theory of Mind (ToM), social competence, and social communication.

Module 1: Foundations for Social Competence and Language Learning
Workshop 1: Play, Play, Play!
We invite you to engage in an introduction to supporting language and social relatedness through play. This one day workshop is designed for parents, teachers, educational support staff, related service providers (speech language pathologists, occupational therapists) and administrators interested in supporting the development of children’s engagement, communication, symbolic language, and social emotional regulation through play. Brief overviews of the foundational skills underlying play, types of play, and active strategies for supporting play will be stimulated through lecture, discussion and hands-on play.