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Update on CSAC services during the COVID-19
(Coronavirus) public health crisis

Beginning Monday, March 23rd, CSAC is closing all offices for office-based appointments and providing all non-essential services by Telehealth or telephone
All therapists, psychiatric providers, case managers, community support staff, and other staff are equipped to offer telemedicine or telephone appointments and support. CSAC intends to provide as much continuity of support and essential services as we can while also exercising caution to prevent the spread of COVID 19.


89 Main Street
Adult Mental Health including Adult Psychiatry, Substance Use, Adult Stabilization Program (Case Management),
Community Rehabilitation and Treatment, and Adult Outpatient

  • Our phones will remain open during usual business hours. You can call 388-6751.
  • 24/7 emergency services with psychiatric back-up will continue through a telehealth format.   
    Our 24/7 Emergency Crisis support line is 388-7641.
  • Intakes for all adult mental health services and Addiction Recovery services are continuing by Telehealth or telephone.
  • Group therapy options continue to evolve, and we are in the process of creating online and other remote options for people.
  • Case managers and support workers may also offer telemedicine connections but might more frequently rely on phone communication. Walking together outside as weather permits could also be an option for some.
  • For community and home-based supports specifically, we have been instructed to suspend all “non-essential” services. This means outreach supports will be organized around “essential” needs, which would include continuation of assistance getting food and or essential home supplies, filling prescriptions and attending priority medical appointments, assistance with banking, and benefits if that has been part of existing supports. In all of these examples, we’ll be seeking to help address these needs with an effort to minimize potential exposure. 
  • Community Bridges project has suspended face to face meetings but is collecting information about how people interested can help others with these difficult circumstances.


Day Drop-In Programs

  •  Evergreen House and The Center at 17 Court St. are closed. The staff is working on plans to help sustain supportive connections and share helpful materials around ways to cope with these unusual circumstances. We will share this information with you soon. 



Community Associates
(Developmental Services at 109 Catamount Park)

  • All non-essential services will stop on Monday, March 23, 2020. Clients requiring essential services such as assistance with getting food and or essential home supplies, filling prescriptions, and attending priority medical appointments and personal care will continue to receive them.
  • Our phones will remain open during usual business hours. You can call 388-4021.
  • Administration staff is available for consultation and support. You can call 388-4021.
  • Crisis services will continue remotely via Tele-health or telephone support.
  • Families will continue to have access to respite support.  
  • Service Coordination and case management are still available but will be provided by Tele-health or telephone.  
  • All non-essential services will be provided remotely when possible. Essential direct support services will continue to be delivered in person.
  • Residential programs remain open and staffed for individuals who have not returned to family care.



Eldercare Clinician
(at 109 Catamount Park)

  • Eldercare Clinician services will occur remotely and are available by Telehealth or telephone.
  • New referrals will be contacted in coming days.


Youth and Family Services
(at 67 Catamount Park)

  • All services are moving to Tele-health or telephone support with an exception for some outdoor home visiting.
  • Child psychiatry appointments and prescribing will continue via Tele-health or telephone.
  • We continue to be available to accept referrals through the usual phone method. Call 388-6751.
  • New clients are being offered phone support or contact with a crisis clinician, depending upon acuity.
  • Clients/families have been or are in the process of being contacted to arrange an ongoing schedule of appointments and preferred method of contact
  • Plans have been made with all youth served in schools, and current communication plans have been made for contact with schools
  • We continue to work with DCF and schools to provide services to the most at-risk children.


CSAC continues to serve Addison County residents

The Counseling Service will resume normal operations with all service capacities as soon as we are advised that we can safely do so.

You can contact CSAC with any questions or concerns at 388-6751 or after business hours through Crisis Support at 388-7641.

CSAC’s commitment to be Addison County’s resource for mental health, substance use treatment, and developmental services continues.

CSAC’s mission to help people live emotionally healthy and satisfying lives continues.

CSAC’s pledge to offer the best services in the best ways we can continues.

Again: if you need help, call CSAC at 388-6751 or call our 24/7 Crisis Support line at 388-7641.  


We are all in this together and CSAC is still here to help.