Women's Behavior Health Consultant For Womens Health Initiative

Seeking Women's Behavior Health Consultant (BHC) For Women's Health Initiative to be a member of the Community Health Team (CHT) working directly with Porter Hospital, 20 hours per week.
The goal of the BHC is to extend the care offered by the Provider to address psycho-social needs with their patients (women of child-bearing age -15-44 years old) who screen positive. Needs include education/cognitive limitations, psychological challenges such as anxiety or depression, alcohol or substance abuse/dependency, instability/volatility in housing, employment or primary relationships, obesity, tobacco addiction, sedentary lifestyle, social isolation, and any combination of these and other factors that negatively impact or impede insight, self agency, or motivation for health-related behavior change. The BHC will provide assessment and screening relative to these barriers, and provide short-term (4-6 sessions) counseling and/or referral to other providers/agencies/programs as appropriate.

Clinical licensure in Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Treatment, or Psychology.
Five years’ experience in clinical setting preferred.
Experience with Maternal Depression preferred.
Familiarity with local healthcare and human services systems, agencies, resources, programs and facilities.
Ability to effectively interact with a diverse population
Ability to effectively interact with all levels of organization personnel.
Ability to work with appropriate autonomy and initiative.
Good communication skills, for both written and oral presentation.
Computer literacy with proficiency in Word , Outlook and Internet usage.

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